Kwik-Fit "Premium" Ensemble Bed Bracket Set (250mm)

Kwik-Fit "Premium" Ensemble Bed Bracket Set (250mm)
Kwik-Fit "Premium" Ensemble Bed Bracket Set (250mm) Kwik-Fit "Premium" Ensemble Bed Bracket Set (250mm)
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Premium Heavy Duty Bed Bracket Set designed to attach your bedhead to your ensemble base. This model is powder coated and comes with a super strong side brace for added strength and less flex. Best suited for larger and heavier bedheads for more security.

What is in the bracket kit?
► 2x bed brackets
► 6x screws
► 6x 8mm diameter bolts
► 12x washers
► 6x nuts


How do I put it together?
1. Turn ensemble base onto side and unscrew two end castors.

2. Hold brackets against bed and refit the castor through the slot in the bracket temporarily.

3. Place ensemble base into the normal position on the floor to establish position of bracket in relation to bedhead. Make small markings in pencil where drill holes will be required for mounting.

4. Remove castor and bracket from ensemble to now mount bracket to bedhead.

5. Drill two holes in bedhead where you had marked out previously. Screw 2x bolts with washers on each bracket with nuts on reverse to securely hold bedhead in place. Tighten till firm.
**(note: as bedheads can vary in thickness, the bolts supplied may not be the correct length. Different length bolts are available from your local hardware store.)

6. You can now refit the castor back through the bracket into the base. For extra support, screw 2x screws into each bracket's drill holes.

7. Enjoy a good night's sleep after successfully fitting your bedhead to ensemble.


Alternatively, other easy options include:

To mount to Wall: Metal Furniture Connector Joining Bracket Set

To mount to Wall or Ensemble Base: Dream Glider Bedhead Brackets


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