FASCO 71 Series Staple Gun (Made in Italy)

FASCO 71 Series Staple Gun (Made in Italy)
Brand: Fasco
Product Code: AIR-SG-F1B7C-16
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F1B 7C-16

► Long and narrow nose design great job visibility
► Made in Italy
► Lightweight
► Patented quick release magazine
► Rubber comfort grip: non-slip handling and reduction of vibrations and fatigue
► One hand latch: fast reloading and reduced downtime
► Bottom loading magazine: protects internal parts (reduced maintenance)
► Reversible bumper: high durability
► Rear exhaust with muffler: avoids lubricant from falling onto work surface

Tool Specifications
Weight: 0.78kg
Load: 167 Fasteners
Supply: 60-100psi
Warranty: 12 Months

Staples: 71 Series
Range: 4-14mm