Outdoor "Dry Flow" Reticulated SEAT FOAM (Firm) - 25mm thick
Product Code: FOS-R31-200-025
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Outdoor "Dry Flow" Reticulated SEAT/BACK FOAM (Firm) DARK YELLOW

This outdoor foam has open cell structure and is perfect for areas where your cushions get wet. Dries almost immediately after exposure to: rain, salt spray, melting snow, morning dew, washing, or other types of moisture and humidity.

Typical Uses:
Outdoor seating applications such as outdoor furniture, golf carts, boats, marinas, patios, pools, yards or wherever cushions are exposed to the elements. Also used as a sound absorber in microphones, hospital grade foam, make-up applicators, face masks, lint free wiper pads and much more.

Sheet Size: 2000mm x 1000mm x 25mm
Grade: N31-200R
Colour: Dark Yellow
Density: 31kg/m³
Pore Count Cells 25mm: 35±7
Guarantee: 5 years*