Standard Density OVERLAY/BACK FOAM (Super Soft) - 100mm thick
Product Code: FOS-SS19-40-100
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Standard Density OVERLAY/BACK FOAM (Super Soft) WHITE

This is standard density foam suitable for back cushions, headboards and can also be used as an overlay over other foams. Not recommended for any seating application.

Typical Uses:
Soft Overlays, quilting, pillows, soft backs and much more.

Grade: N19-40
Colour: White
Density: 19kg/m³
Hardness: 40±10
Guarantee: 5 years*

***PLEASE NOTE: Due to the large size and volume of foam sheets, the cost of freight is substantially higher than standard box items as they are considered an "over-sized" parcel. Please contact us directly for accurate shipping quotes.