Spray-On Premium Foam Contact Adhesive (BULK)

Spray-On Premium Foam Contact Adhesive (BULK)
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Spray contact adhesive for bonding upholstery foam to timber, foam or fabric. Australian made with high solids content. N-Hexane free. Use with air operated spray gun for best results. For smaller sized tins in "Brush-on" contact adhesive please click HERE.

Made in Australia

Colour: Clear or Red

4 Litre Tin - $59.00
20 Litre Drum - $129.00
200 Litre Drum - $869.00

Technical Data
Application: Spray-On
Base: Polychloroprene rubber
Coverage Rate: 6-8m²/Litre
Evaporation Time: 5-10 mins @ 20°C
Open Time: ~15 mins @ 20°C
Heat Resistance: Normal

**Freight surcharges may apply (Flammable Liquid Hazchem 3)