Spray-On Trimmers "Hi-Temp" Contact Adhesive (BULK)

Spray-On Trimmers "Hi-Temp" Contact Adhesive (BULK)
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A premium spray contact adhesive great in high temperature applications with fast initial grab used for bonding decorative laminates in cabinet making and shopfitting applications. It also bonds a wide range of other materials including MDF and particleboard, timber, metal, concrete, glass and urethane foam and can be used for bonding cloth backed and polyester backed vinyl, leather, carpet and polyurethane foam in motor trimming applications. Australian made with high solids content. N-Hexane free.

Made in Australia

Colour: Clear

20 Litre Drum - $139.00
200 Litre Drum - $869.00

Technical Data
Base: Polychloroprene rubber
Coverage Rate: 6-8m²/Litre
Evaporation Time: 5-10 mins @ 20°C
Open Time: ~15 mins @ 20°C
Heat Resistance: High

**Freight surcharges may apply (Flammable Liquid Hazchem 3)