TensorGrip® "F31" Hi-Temp Contact Adhesive (Canister)

TensorGrip® "F31" Hi-Temp Contact Adhesive (Canister)
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TensorGrip® F31 is a high performance spray adhesive developed for demanding foam, fabric, leather and upholstery applications. Its tough curing properties gives ultra-strong bond adhesion when working in high demand, bespoke upholstery applications, ensuring longevity and excellent, integral bond results. It's high temperature resistance makes is espcially suitable in automotive and marine applications. Being in a pressurised cannister makes it super portable and less noisy vs using the traditional spray gun pot and air compressor.

► Exceptional, Tough Curing Bond Times
► High Temperature Resistance to over 118°C
► Fine Web Spray Pattern Reducing Bleed Through on Thin Fabrics
► Highly Controllable Spray Pattern for Varying Surface Areas
► Excellent Green Strength and Low Odor
► Water Resistant
► Cost Effective, High Coverage Rate

22L Canister (17 Kg Net Weight) - approx 250m² coverage (11m²/Litre)

Typical Uses:
Bonding to soft or hard substrates - great for fabric, foam, synthetic leather, metal, plywood, particleboard, A.B.A, many plastics, PVC, fibreglass, cork, felt, paper etc.

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