OSBORNE Bronze Magnetic Hammer w/ Nylon Tip #36
Brand: C.S. Osborne & Co.
Product Code: UT-OSB36
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Similar to our popular OSBORNE Bronze Magnetic Hammer #33, but the large face is fitted with a nylon tip. This prevents damage to ornamental and decorative nails.

• Head made of solid bronze
• Shellacked hardwood handle
• Large nylon tip – face is 13mm diameter for hammering decorative/ornamental nails without marring surface
• Opposite side has powerful, steel, permanent alnico magnetized tip to easily pick up/hold ornamental nails
• Double-headed hammer is slightly curved and equally balanced
• Designed/styled for working in deep corners without marring the wood or damaging the fabric
• Side of the head is excellent when used to flatten padding stuffing and smoothing covers into proper shape
• Made from the highest quality materials to last years and years

Length of head: 140mm
Weight of head: 171g
Magnetic face: 6mm
Nylon tip face: 13mm
Weight: 425g