OSBORNE Decorative Nail Spacer #777
OSBORNE Decorative Nail Spacer #777
Brand: C.S. Osborne & Co.
Product Code: UT-OSB777
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A must-have tool for all your decorative nail projects!

Evenly spacing and affixing decorative nails has never been easier with this handy tool.

Osborne Quick Nailer:
Quality backed by Osborne, the leading manufacturer of upholstery tools since 1826. Set up to five nails head-to-head without damaging the furniture or your fingers! Exact spacing every time.

So easy to use:
Load large end of tool with nails, making sure shanks are flush with base of tool. Position tunneled section of tool over last nail installed and begin setting nails. Removal of tool may require twising motions and/or pressure against nail heads. Use with Osborne's Nylon Tip hammer so that nail is not damaged when applying.