Shock Cord Bunji Loops
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* Bunji Size:

Our shock cord bunji loops are commonly attached to tonneau covers and boat covers but have a variety of uses in other applications eg. storm covers, sand pit covers, eskys, kayak covers, bike covers, BBQ covers etc. Made with high quality round elastic cord with a filament rubber core and UV Stabilized polyester outer sheath for specific outdoor and marine environments. Use Eyelet Durable Rivets to Fasten Bunji Loops in place with Metal Eyelet Punch Tool and Hammer. Available in 6 industry standard sizes. Allow an extra 20% stretch factor in nominal length depending on size.

► B130 (Nominal Length: 65mm) -  $1.50 each
► B150 (Nominal Length: 80mm) -  $1.80 each
► B170 (Nominal Length: 90mm) -  $2.00 each
► B190 (Nominal Length: 95mm) -  $2.15 each
► B209 (Nominal Length: 110mm) -  $2.25 each
► B360 (Nominal Length: 180mm) -  $3.50 each

**Please Note: Nominal Length is size from fixing point to bottom of loop.

Also available in packs of 100 at bulk pricing. Please contact us directly.

Eyelet Durable Rivets (to Fasten Bungee Loops) sold separately.