RO-MA "Tecnica 14" Staple & Nail Tacker
RO-MA "Tecnica 14" Staple & Nail Tacker RO-MA "Tecnica 14" Staple & Nail Tacker
Brand: RO-MA (Romeo Maestri)
Product Code: STA-SG-RT14
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Decorative works, upholstery, covering of upholstered furniture. To fix all kinds of paper and fabric. Chair covering, window dressing. To fix skirting-boards, wooden profiles and panels. - Metal front plate. High resistance body in nylon 30% reinforced fibre glass. Stand by position for the handle. Bottom loading.

► High resistance body
► Easy bottom loading magazine
► Safety handle lock
► Hanging blister packaging

► Ideal for plastics, leather, fabrics etc
► Stationery, packaging & industrial
► Tacking, framing, upholstery
► Carpet laying, insulation

13 Series (Type 53) Staples
► Sizes: 8-14mm
► Compatable with: Sterling 13 Series, Arrow JT21, Rapid 13 & 53 Series

18 Gauge Brad Nails
► Size: 15mm