WISS Steel Deluxe Thread Nippers

WISS Steel Deluxe Thread Nippers
Brand: Wiss
Product Code: CUT-TS-WTC1
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Ideal for clipping threads, strings and ripping seams. Positive action, self-opening spring provides fast, clean cutting. Hot drop-forged of fine cutlery steel. Regular edge. Sharp points. Nickel plated. Comes with a red plastic safety protection to prevent damage in the points.

► Quality hot drop-forged cutlery steel
► Self-opening spring-action assures fast, effortless cutting
► Fully nickel-plated

 UPC 037103580153
 Tool Length 121mm (4 ¾")
 Blade Length 35mm (1 ⅛")
 Finish on Handles Nickel-plated
 Point Style Sharp
 Weight 71g
 Catalog No. TC1